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Strategic Market Access support to the international Healthcare Industry
Welcome to Medica Market Access

We work with international pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies to communicate the clinical and economic value of your product and service offering to your European payer customers.

We support you at all phases of the product life cycle, from launch pricing projections and identifying trial outcomes through national pricing and reimbursement and Health Technology Assessment submissions to maintaining your competitive position once you have launched.

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Our Services
As your product progresses through its life cycle it will need an evolving level of support. We have grouped our services according to your product’s maturity, while also recognising that you may wish to explore how to structure your market access activities to best support your products.

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What is Market Access?

'Market Access' is much talked about, but people are still confused about what activities are involved and
which functions should carry them
out. We take a clear and pragmatic
approach to ensure our
clients' needs are met.

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Our Approach

We are a focused business providing the services of our highly experienced Managing Director supported by bespoke project teams assembled from an international network of subject and geographic specialists.

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